The One Percent

Pink mountain time, right, Mom?

“99% packed”, I’d been saying for weeks. Two days off from work before I leave would allow me plenty of time for that remaining 1%. Isn’t there a saying about the best laid plans?

Whenever possible I try to start a vacation with a massage, and so I had excitedly scheduled 90 minutes with my favorite massage therapist, and timed the appointment to leave just enough time afterwards to have dinner with family and get to the Homer Airport 7 minutes away.

The plan started unraveling when I worked half a day Wednesday (my first day off), leaving me no time for a final Kundalini yoga class before I leave for my Kundalini yoga instructor training. The downward spiral picked up pace when my list of final to-do items haphazardly filling a piece of scrap paper disappeared between buying a quick-dry camp towel and using the coin machine at the bank to turn my olive jar 99% full of coins into paper money.

My massage-self-care turned into cancelling-the-massage-self-preservation, quickly followed by the family dinner plan disintegrating as the reality of everyone’s busy evening set in. The new-found four hours was plenty of time to return to town for the new fire extinguisher I remembered had been on the list when I found the dead ones sitting by the back door, shower, change my travel outfit three times, sew a laundry bag (one of the many items on the ‘what to bring to yoga training’ list), and step outside with our dog at ‘pink mountain time’ to sip a glass of wine. 100% packed.