I think about the phrase “en route” in the context of mindful living. Is this contradictory? I don’t think so, but “en route” suggests an end point, which I suppose would be death. It isn’t about the end, of course, but how one lives each moment until then.

Am I living a life of “loving & learning”? This is my practice. Loving as a form of compassion. No, that feels condescending. Loving as a recognition that we are all connected. Loving those in my life extends love to people in their lives, and in those people’s lives, & on. I do believe how we treat one person has a ripple-effect-that extends out to many others.

In these ice crystals formed on the shore of Kachemak Bay exist the ashes of my dog Ursa, her son Perseus, Perseus’ best friend, Radar. How far have those bits of bone and ash traveled? Did some fish nibble on pieces, ingesting Ursa remains? Where did that fish end up? How far have these three cremated beings traveled, and in what manner? I feel deeply connected to this water, these ice crystals, representing for me the spirits of Ursa, Percy and Radar.

I wonder – this fish we ate last night – did Ursa, Percy and Radar contribute in some way to its life?