About us

Skating along on this journey

Coming together and going apart ~

Reaching the end of our 5th decades, this journey has shifted as we spend weeks or months at a time in different states, making our way on our own paths in ways that look different from one another. Never living together 24/7/365, we were drawn to wedding rings that elegantly reflected this life-style: two bands that join and separate, join and separate.

Years of sitting on my zafu watching my thoughts drift by, I feel inspired to linger longer on what those passing thoughts have to teach me, as life continues en route to work, the yoga mat, to being a bodhisattva, a yogini, a teacher, a nasty woman who won’t back down.

Yes, we travel! Sometimes frequently, sometimes long distances, perhaps most often between our homes in Sahuarita, Arizona and Homer, Alaska. Often we travel separately, and when the planets align we travel together.

Loving change, and living many lives within this current one, we have made homes in 10 states and travel to most of the other 40, as well as parts of Canada, France, Italy, Ireland, England, South Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas & St. John, Korea, and the Philippines.

We welcome you to join us en route.