Day Ten – Letting Go

Welcome back! I’ve missed writing the last few days. I had to rest more and try to fully recover from whatever was effecting my insides. I’m happy to report I’m about 90% well and back to trying to sort out my experiences.

Kundalini yoga is a mind/body/spirit practice, meaning it isn’t really possible to focus on just one aspect of my being. Many of the meditations focus on releasing old emotions that aren’t healthy to hold on to. For someone like me, who has historically welcomed in an emotion to stay and make itself at home, learning to let go can be a bit of a challenge. I was looking for a challenge when I signed up for this; I guess I planned on the physical struggles but not the emotional ones.

We had the children and teachers from a children’s home and school in Rishikesh, Ramana’s Garden, come for a visit. The kids were 4 years-old and up, including 20+ year-old’s who had grown up at Ramana’s and are now in college. It was a humbling experience to hear of their stories and to share their joy of playing in the river, celebrating birthdays, and decorating rocks and faces with paint. “Seva” is the yogi term for volunteering. This day with the children was to give us a glimpse of one of the many ways people can use compassion to make a difference.


Swing happy









Kundalini yoga also teaches the importance of having “grit”. I learned more from the children and young adults about grit than I could ever put into words. The time with them certainly helped put the meaning of life into perspective and fill me with gratitude for the life I have, this opportunity to be in India, to study to become a teacher, and to have support in letting go of any old shit that is trying to hold me back.

3 thoughts on “Day Ten – Letting Go

  1. I love you! Thanks for sharing so much! Such an experience you are having. I sympathize with the intestinal stuff. My stomach has been off for 3 weeks off and on. I think it has to do with no sun this winter! Tomorrow is the first day of spring and yet we have nor’easter #4 heading our way. Mostly rainy slushy snow this time… it’s a Spring storm after all! ??

    • Thank you! To the best of my knowledge, they speak Hindi. I did take my camera on the hike to the village, and periodically around here and in Rishikesh. I’m happy that I brought it, although I haven’t put the telephoto lens on yet. My iPad also takes great photos, but can be awkward as it’s so large! Sorry to hear about all the winter storms…come On spring!1 I love you!

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