Day Four – More Than Yoga

You may have gotten the idea that we are doing a lot of yoga, here at the Kundalini Level One Teacher Training, and at about 10 hours a day you’d be right! On the surface, that is why we are all here. Look around, scratch the surface a little, and you’d find so much more that is happening.

Anyone can add their own creative touches~

Something other than yoga…

Some are really obvious, like this amazing folk art style mural designed by a visiting artist from England. She started it in November during the Level Two training. Everyone is encouraged to add their own designs, and then sign their name or initials. It’s fun to see the painting change and deepen as more and more details are added. Anna, my Kundalini teacher at home, was here in November and had told me all about the beautiful mural. I love that we have both added to the same painting on a wall in rural India!

Under the surface, this intensive style of training requires people to face their fears, egos, attitudes, and commitment. For most of us over 40, it’s been decades since we shared a tent with someone we didn’t know. None of it is easy, and generally involves a mix of tears, joy, frustration, and laughter. Along with the aching joints and sore muscles.

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