Day Three – Learning to Nap

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I’m not a good sleeper. I’m an early riser – never learned the art of sleeping in – and I also like to stay up late. Another art I never mastered was The Nap. As much as I love the wall tent I’m staying in (with my lovely tent-mate from Germany), there is room for improvement. Specifically when it comes to the bed, okay really it’s the pillow that’s the problem. Forget the fact that it’s a single pillow when I’m used to three; this pillow is at least three inches thick and unbendable. All this to say I’m not sleeping well.

So after the 4:30am – 7am yoga session and a quick breakfast, I stumbled back to the tent, opened up my Insight Timer app, and searched for sleep music. I found “Delta Waves and Oceanic Sounds for Deep Rest”. Sounded good to me! I crawled fully clothed under the covers, put on this music, and went unconscious for nearly half an hour when my alarm went off. Heaven.

Training this afternoon included reviewing the correct form and how to teach various yoga postures, and what the benefits of each posture are. I learned that resting or sleeping in Baby pose can be as restorative as 4 hours of sleep, and doing 3 minutes of Bridge pose before bed is very beneficial for insomnia. Great!

I think my sleep life, and thus my awake life, may be forever changed thanks to these two poses and my newly discovered ability to nap. I’ll let you know. Zzzzzz.

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  1. Bon it sounds like a wild roller coaster ride — enjoy as much as you can,,,,,I love you so much …. stay safe and stay clear of the leopards JHC!! xoxoxoxoxo

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