Day Two – Feeling Grateful

I expected a roller coaster ride, and that’s what I’m getting. This type of intensive training pushes one to their limits and then pushes a bit more. There are 77 students from all over the world including Iceland, Columbia, Russia, Italy, Ireland, and Canada. Ages range from early 20’s to early 60’s, with a diverse patchwork of why people were drawn to do this work and come to India to do it. No matter the reason for being here, we are quickly becoming a big family and there’s plenty of support when the going gets tough.

I’m in India, so of course I’m having curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And delicious dal, paneer, yogurt, lots of fresh fruit, and always hot lemon ginger tea and “milk tea” which is chai. They are feeding us well but I imagine I will be ready for just about any other food by the time I get back home.

On the job

There are three wonderful dogs on the property, which is really helpful for those of us missing our pets. Along with their pet therapy role, their jobs include running off the monkeys and cows, and barking like mad when a leopard comes around. They take their jobs very seriously which I, for one, am grateful.

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  1. Wait…leopards and monkeys? that might “come around?!” Yeah, i’m glad the dogs are there, too!!! Enjoy your day off!! Tonight we turn the clocks ahead and lose 1 hour… whatever it takes to get more sunlight around here. Such a dark and gloomy winter. Bring the sun! Glad you have sun and warmth there! Rest up! Love you! ?

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