Day One – I survived

My intention is to write each day of this training. Emphasis on intention. Today’s will be brief as muscles I have never felt before are screaming at me making it hard to think. The day started with a very brief cold shower, encouraged to do before Sadhana (morning practice). As there is no coffee here, it turns out to be helpful in staying awake although the yoga room was quite cold. Everyone dressed in multiple layers, but I expect most will be adding more for tomorrow morning.

There was an elaborate welcome outdoor ceremony for the all of the students late morning. I mention outdoor because as cold as it is at 4am, by 10:30 we were baking in the hot sun. The fire pit didn’t help the heat factor either… Many of us headed to the river for a cool swim as soon as possible!

Gurmukh and her husband Gurushabd

The most exciting part of the day was having our first class with Gurmukh, the teacher we are all here to study with. At 75, she is in better shape than anyone at the training. I’ll leave out the gory details, but this was one of the more physically challenging experiences in my life. Gurmukh is a quiet, graceful powerhouse with a great sense of humor. She sets us up doing a 13 minute yoga movement that is impossible and then plays loud, fast electronic music to keep us going. It mostly works. Not sure if my body will work tomorrow though…

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  1. 13 min yoga move??? Holy cow. They’d be zapping my heart after 2 min! How’d You do? And this woman is 75? Impressive. Happy International Women’s Day! ❤️

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